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Started in 2005 by Tom Vasel, the Dice Tower is a family friendly network of diverse individuals who create video and audio content that promotes board and card games.  Tom is joined by a host of gaming enthusiasts who promote this hobby through video reviews, Top 10 lists, live plays, podcasts and more.  Our goal is not only to promote games, but also the people who play them.  To find out more about the Dice Tower and the content we produce, visit the Dice Tower website and our YouTube channel.

Dice Tower East is a family friendly board game convention held in Orlando, Florida each summer around the July 4th holiday weekend in the US.  Dice Tower East is for people of all ages who love to play board games, and at the convention, you’ll find hours of non-stop gaming with other dedicated, fantastic gamers.  Tom Vasel and the Dice Tower crew will be there playing games and putting on a few events and live shows.  We will have a Hot Games area featuring the newest, hottest game releases and a demo area where you can try out different prototypes.  Your favorite exhibitors will also be there selling gaming goodies and talking about their next up-and-coming publications.

We believe that games are for everyone and we are committed to fostering a fun, inclusive environment for all Dice Tower East attendees.  We look forward to gaming with you in Orlando next summer!


The amazing Dice Tower library will be available for everyone’s game-playing enjoyment!  Currently with over 2,000 titles, Tom Vasel continually curates it with a variety of new and classic games, ranging from heavier strategy games, to simpler gateway games, to light and fun party games.  We are confident that the library will have games you like and games you’ll be excited to try.  To find out if your favorite board games are in the Dice Tower Library, click here, and to see a shelf-by-shelf breakdown, watch Tom’s shelf reviews on the Dice Tower’s YouTube channel!

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While Dice Tower East will be a play-all-day affair, we will hold a few events and live shows featuring Tom and the Dice Tower Crew, and we will also have a flea market and a Hot Games area featuring all the latest releases!  An updated show schedule will be posted here closer to the event.


June 30 - July 4, 2021


Dice Tower East will be a play-all-day affair. But, we will hold a few events and live shows featuring
Tom, Eric, Zee, et al., including Wits & Wagers, the Dice Tower Top 10, and the Jack Vasel
Memorial Auction. We will also have a flea market and a Hot Games area featuring new releases.